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Are you looking for an innovative and affordable way to customize a combination of living and working space? Then it’s time to consider a low-maintenance, energy-efficient barndominium. These custom metal building homes are transforming how people live and work in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Texas Barndominiums Kits

Killeen, Texas Barndominiums

At Texas Barndominium Builder, we specialize in all kinds of metal buildings. Steel is one of the toughest building materials on the market and allows homeowners to design highly customizable and unique spaces to suit any need. And because it is strong, metal will enable you to create open floor plans perfect for entertaining in the residential areas with ample room for a shop, garage, or office on the working side of the building.

Our barndominiums are:

  •       Customizable and scalable
  •       Highly affordable
  •       Quick to build
  •       Modern and energy-efficient
  •       Multi-purpose and versatile
  •       Safe and durable thanks to the steel frame and                metal siding

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Barndominium Kits

A barndominium kit is a safe, reliable, quick, and extremely affordable building solution. You can get a lovely home at a fraction of the time and cost of conventional construction methods.

Barndominium Planning

A barndominium home doesn’t need to be plain and boring. A high-quality barndominium can include any interior and exterior upgrade you’ve observed in modern homes. And it costs less than it looks!

Barndominium Construction

The final stage of your barndominium is extremely quick, thanks to the prefabricated frame and siding. Then, regardless of the weather, we will have a sheltered space for interior construction.

Barndominium Kits

Our barndominium kits come in many popular sizes, such as 40X60, 40X75, 60X60, and more. Steel, a highly versatile construction material, makes our kits fully customizable. We can modify floor layouts with minimum effort and include every individual preference in exterior and interior design.

Barndominium Planning

Our favourite part of the process! This is where you get to make your barndominium your own. Any of the high-quality interior or exterior aspects of a regular home can be integrated into your new bardominium.

Some typical barndominium features are:

  •       Stained concrete floors
  •       Large windows
  •       Full modern plumbing
  •       Efficient spray foam insulation
  •       High ceilings

Want to see inspiring images of highly functional, state-of-the-art barndominium homes? Visit our website gallery.

Using The Right Materials

If you’re sold on steel but aren’t in the market for a barndominium, we also construct custom metal building homes, factories, agricultural buildings, warehouses, storage spaces, offices, hangars, and just about anything else you can think of.

Metal is not only easy to customize and perfect for constructing open spaces; it is also durable, relatively inexpensive, and secure. It makes regulating the temperature inside easier and can take a beating, leading to lower long-term costs associated with heating, insurance, and repairs.

Let’s Build Something Incredible

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